Class Title: Intensive Introductory Spanish

Faculty: Arianna Alfaro (Pitzer)


Perform Latin American dance as a starting point of inquiry into Latin American cultures and histories



Class Title: Geometric Modeling

Faculty: David Bachman (Pitzer) 

Experiment and collaborate to find equations that describe given shapes and then print 3-D models using the equations


Class Title: Feminism & Science

Faculty: Susan Castagnetto (Pomona)

Develop mutually beneficial intergenerational connections through collaborative learning between elders and undergraduates


Class Title: Materiality, Craft and Labor

Faculty: Sarah Gilbert (Pitzer), Alexandra Chappell (Librarian; Honnold/Mudd), and Madelynn Dickerson (Librarian; Honnold/Mudd)

Design and build an interactive art installation for the library that makes digital library resources tangible


Class Title: Critical Community Studies, & Research Methods for Community Change

Faculty: Susan Phillips (Pitzer in Ontario), Tessa Hicks Peterson (Pitzer), and Lourdes Arguelles (CGU Emeritus; and Pitzer in Ontario)

Participate in health and healing workshops with community members, visit community organizations, and teach a community-based educational program at Huerta del Valle, the Pitzer co-founded urban farm




Class Title: Sustainable Place Studio, and Environmental Art/Public Art

Faculty: Lance Neckar (Pitzer), Tanja Srebotnjak (Harvey Mudd), and Hal VanRyswyk (Harvey Mudd)

Prototype design solutions to water conservation issues in Southern California based on their analysis of geospatial and other data


Class Title: American Maritime Musical Worlds

Faculty: Gibb Schreffler (Pomona)

Sail a traditional “tall ship” to understand how the 19th-century sailors’ work songs they have studied in class fit the ship-board work and to test variables of how the work-singing may have operated historically


Class Title: Critical Inquiry, the Wonderful World of Trash, and Wastescapes

Faculty: Christy Spackman (Harvey Mudd) and Marianne de Laet (Harvey Mudd)

Visit solid and water waste facilities; create sensorial, multi-media maps to document different types of waste and garbage in Claremont; design, develop, and test a scratch and sniff monitoring tool for tracking waste odors; and run workshops on sensorial mapping


Class Title: Environmental/Spatial Statistics

Faculty: Tanja Srebotnjak (Harvey Mudd) and Warren Roberts (GIS Support Specialist; Honnold/Mudd)

Record, project, visualize, and model spatial data from the field using Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) and analyze their findings with the foundations of spatial statistics


Class Title: Pacific Islanders and Education

Faculty: Kehaulani Vaughn (Pomona)


Learn from the knowledge of indigenous cultural practitioners, including making a traditional Tongan cloth called tapa, preparing traditional foods, and learning traditional dances



Class Title: Nonviolent Social Change

Faculty: Kathy Yep (Pitzer)

Participate as co-learners in popular education workshops at a summit at the Highlander Center, a catalyst for grassroots organizing in Appalachia and the South



Class Title: The Social World, Graphically

Faculty: Phil Zuckerman (Pitzer) and Jessica McCoy (Pitzer)

Create original graphic novels based around sociologically relevant themes, issues, movements, and conflicts, exploring how graphic novels can function to inform us about issues of social significanc