the HIVE …

… is here to help students increase their creative capacity and practice collaboration across differences. Partnering with faculty, the Hive provides learning experiences that move students intentionally through ambiguous real-world challenges toward creative solutions, as well as a space to experiment and play, all while fostering collaboration by bringing people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives together. It is through these means that we strive to transform the way liberal arts education is delivered.


  • we are living in an ambiguous world, where the rate of change is accelerating, and where big problems do not have a single right answer
  • interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches will help lay the path forward for future liberal arts education, and
  • young people need methods inspired by human-centered design and design thinking to reach across differences, understand needs, and replace assumptions with insights to thrive in this world

Today, the Hive is focused on delivering deep and transformative learning experiences at The Claremont Colleges. We are committed to sharing our best practices with the world along with our desire to be a bridge for collaboration between students, staff, faculty, and industry professionals.