What is “collaborative creativity”?

Collaborative Creativity is a way of approaching creativity (bringing new ideas, objects, or ways of thinking into the world) that recognizes how critical diversity, interconnection, and exchange are to the endeavor. Traditionally, the assumption has been that creativity is an individual pursuit, the bastion of the lone genius or the cloistered artist, yet many of the the most effective creative efforts are collaborative. We work to accelerate the creative development of individuals while emphasizing the ways in which they cooperatively contribute that that talent to a wide and diverse range of partners.

Why do we think Collaborative Creativity is important?

The interconnected nature of our world offers tremendous opportunities for problem solving, and the most significant challenges before us are so complex that no single discipline, mindset, or skillset will be able to solve them. The complexities that lie before us will require more than creative individuals acting on their own – it will demand that we refashion the way we bring individual skills and approaches to a vast, varied, and often distributed set of potential collaborators. While working together as a team is tough, the individuals – and groups – who can do that best are the ones who will have the greatest impact on our future.