Our Core Principles

… drive everything we do here at the Hive; they are our guides:

Present ambiguous and ambitious challenges

  • Provide tools and skills to explore the impossible
  • Go beyond boundaries toward the unknown
  • Give permission to fail

Cultivate generative mindsets

  • Foster openness and optimism
  • Use thinking and doing
  • Define challenges and a employ a maker’s mindset to address them

Infuse some doing into all learning experiences

  • Find ways to think with the whole body
  • Write or draw ideas, so they may be organized and interpreted visually
  • Move between understanding and making; and between real and abstract

Create a platform to amplify voices

  • Acknowledge the individual in the whole
  • Share tools of empowerment with everyone
  • Empower individuals to make a difference

Create permission to experiment and play

  • Create places to play
  • Curate and display past experiments
  • Support different ways of thinking, especially those that fail

Nurture connections

  • Bring people, ideas, and disciplines together
  • Create the need for collaboration — questions are not answered with only one person
  • Engage a wide variety of people