Keynote from DH@CC

We’re really excited by all the work happening as part of the Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges. To get a taste of the initiative, check out the key note video.

dr_liu-DH-keynoteDr. Alan Liu presents his talk: “Key Trends in the Digital Humanities: How the Digital Humanities Challenge the Idea of the Humanities.” This talk marks the inaugural event for the DH@CC efforts, and was filmed at Pomona College on Feb. 18, 2015. DH@CC is the digital humanities effort at the Claremont Colleges. The project, which intends to increase DH capacity at the 5Cs, is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Video produced by AJ Strout.

3 Tips for a Creative Classroom (from Danish Kurani)

This is a great post for anyone looking to tweak their classroom in a minimal way. As we think through what (if any space) we should have for this initiative at the 5Cs, these three elements are great to keep in mind.


Every day educators are tasked to cultivate bright and creative minds. Yet many teachers are often restricted by the environments they are provided. They must work within various constraints to build a classroom that will support their goals and encourage creative thinking amongst their students. We wanted to know: what are the key characteristics and challenges of a creative classroom?

Element #1 – Environment that signals expectations

Element #2 – Diverse surfaces that encourage active learning

Element #3 – Multiple spaces separated physically and acoustically

Check out the full article by

Our first event: a design thinking workshop

Last night, just under forty students from across the 5Cs participated in one of the first events put on as part of the creativity and innovation initiative. We hosted the event as a prototype that would help us learn more about the kinds of activities that students and faculty wanted to see at the 5Cs.

The workshop was called Redesigning the Future, an Introduction to Design Thinking. The participants paired up and used the process of design thinking to reimagine how their partner could make an impact in the world.

At the end of the workshop, we asked students what (if anything) from the workshop they’d like to see more of at the 5Cs. Here’s a few of the things they had to say:

“I loved that I was able to work with students from across the 5Cs.”

“I would love to see us use more empathy, to really get to understand the motivations behind someone’s idea, artwork or endeavors.”

“I would want to see more of a chance just to come up with crazy ideas.”

We were thrilled to have such engaged, thoughtful participation. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next. Thanks to all of the students and faculty who participated. We’ll be hosting another similar event on February 20th.


Exploring Creativity and Innovation at the Claremont Colleges

Hey There. We’re exploring creativity and innovation at the Claremont Colleges. We’d love for you to be involved, reach out and let us know what you want to see.