Interested in doing a project/activity/workshop with/at/for the Hive?

We’d love to hear about it!

20 individual rectangles of paper, each completed by a different Hive staff member in their own unique art style, that collaboratively form a cohesive image of bees in a hive.

The happenings we support have a lasting benefit for the Hive community and are in line with our core principles:

  • Make it feel truly 5C,
  • Show everyone how they can fit in,
  • Create permission to experiment and play,
  • Present ambitious challenges,
  • Cultivate generative mindsets,
  • Infuse some doing into all learning experiences,
  • And nurture connections.

If your ~*~thing~*~ fits the bill…

(For room and space requests please contact Andikan Archibong)