The Hive hosts a variety of full-credit classes in our spaces each week. You can review what’s happening this semester, as well as courses from past semesters in the lists below.

[E180 HMC] Human-Centered Design

The Hive’s Human-Centered Design class (E180 HMC) allows students from all five Claremont Colleges to work together to uncover unique insights related to three design projects (DP1, DP2, DP3) with increasingly challenging real-world problems. 

View the full course description on the Harvey Mudd College catalog, or head to our “What is HCD?” page to learn more about the process. 

This is one of the most popular classes at The Claremont Colleges and is consistently oversubscribed. Since we are unable to accept many of the (very compelling) PERM requests we receive, the best strategy to show us that you are serious about wanting to enroll is by engaging with the Hive! Come to our events, lead your own workshops, and say hi to Hive staff, so we remember we’ve seen you around.

We are also prototyping an advanced Human-Centered Design class as a group independent study elective (for those who have already taken the Human-Centered Design class).

Group-Independent Study in Human-Centered Design Fall 2019

This is an opportunity for up to five, 5C students who have completed and excelled in Human-Centered Design (HMC E180), taught at the Hive.

The study is led by Fred Leichter, Founding Director of the Hive and Clinical Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College.

We meet once a week as a group at the Hive, with additional meeting times scheduled throughout the semester. Students discuss advanced readings in human-centered design and design thinking. After a warmup project, the bulk of the semester is spent with the group collaborating on student-selected design projects (DP4, DP5). The team collaborates on project selection, research, definition, idea generation, prototype creation, testing, and iteration. After a series of experiments, the course culminates with students putting something real out into the world.

  • Race, Gender, and the Environment: GWS 172; Aimee Bahng, Pomona
  • Chemistry 14, Section 1: Chem 14L KS; Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Keck Science/CMC
  • Science and the Environment: EA30; Marc Los Huertos, Pomona
  • Field Methods in Anthropology Section I: ANTH 105; Claudia Strauss, Pitzer
  • Human-Centered Design: HCDE180; Shannon Randolph, HMC
  • Human-Centered Design: Independent Study; Fred Leichter, HMC
  • Seven Steps to Startup: Generating Transformative Innovation; Hovig Tchalian, CGU
  • Advanced Cell Biology: Biology 163; Sara Olson, Pomona
  • Walls, Borders, Fences: Core 3; Lara Deeb, Scripps
  • Antiracist Feminist and Queer Praxis: Theory, Ethics and Social Action: FGSS 192; Piya Chatterjee, Scripps
  • Experiencing Sustainability: Experiments in the Transdisciplinary Collaboratory: TNDY 407T; Anne Harley, Andy Vosko, Teresa Spezio, Scripps , CGU, Pitzer
  • EA Senior Thesis: EA 191; Char Miller, Pomona
  • Introduction to Environmental Analysis: EA10; Teresa Spezio, Pitzer, and Pomona
  • Rhetorics of Sustainability: Writing 172; Kimberly Drake, Scripps
  • Art and Biology: Art179f; Rachel Mayeri, HMC