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[STILL HAPPENING] ZOOM: Creative Careers in Design

April 14, 2020 @ 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

Creative Careers in Design

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On Tuesday, April 14th, at 6:00 pm PST, please join us via Zoom (https://pomonacollege.zoom.us/j/795596708)! We’ll have a virtual panel with three professionals who use human-centered design in their work. We’ll discuss what design looks for them in these changing times, how they practice design outside of their work life, and how a student might approach a career in design. Please register using the button above to let us know you’re joining!

You’ll also learn how you can use human-centered design in your own upcoming careers. Our three panelists have different jobs in design:

Victor Saad, founder of the Experience Institute, got his start by designing his own Master’s by completing 12 projects in 12 months with organizations around the world. After completing his degree, he started an organization that helps students and professionals learn through experience. He now leads innovative education programs at Stanford, UC Berkeley, and companies around the world. His favorite place to be is on a bicycle. Once he learned about the Hive and connected with the team, he was hooked. He’s now a fan and friend.

Gail Gallaher (PO ’17) is a public educator dedicated to making education more empowering, equitable, and effective for all learners. While a student at Pomona, she was profoundly transformed by being part of the original Hive design team, serving on the Hive staff and Steering Committee, and taking the inaugural Human-Centered Design course. These experiences launched her toward her current role as a founding 10th grade Environmental Sustainability Science Advisor at Odyssey STEM Academy. Through her first years in the classroom, she has navigated the highs and lows of creative confidence on a steep learning curve, while also nurturing creative, collaborative, and resilient mindsets in the young people she works with.

Timothy O’Brien Moore works to uncover the hidden potential of people and their organizations by designing learning experiences that bring out behaviors of fearlessness, curiosity, and connectedness. He oversees all public-facing programming as an associate strategist at The Design Gym in New York City and is on the Teaching and Learning Studio teaching team at Stanford University’s d.school. Prior to working for The Design Gym, he practiced learning experience design at the Hive from 2016 to 2018. Initially brought onto the team as a post-baccalaureate associate, he later moved into a more focused role, where he took the lead in evolving the Hive’s curriculum and teaching human-centered design. 

Here’s how to join in:

  • Click this link to join the virtual panel: https://pomonacollege.zoom.us/j/795596708. You can download Zoom at this link beforehand, or use Zoom on your internet browser.
  • When you sign on, your video will be off and your microphone will be muted, so that the panelists and facilitator can be highlighted and heard by everyone who signs on. We ask that you keep both of these off for the duration of the panel, until the end, when we ask for questions from the audience. During the Q&A, please use the “raise hand” function to indicate that you’d like to ask the panelists a question, and we will activate your microphone and video. We’ll call on you, and you can ask the panelists your question!

Who's coming?

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