On February 20th, Isaac Watts (Pitzer ’18) led a workshop that explored questions such as: What does your hand sound like to a pencil, a water bottle, or a steering wheel? How does a space express itself aurally?

During the workshop, everyone had the opportunity to make their own instruments using alternative mic’ing and sound recording techniques. The experience explored the boundaries of noise and music, and harnessed the tactility of sound. The participants made noise with watermelons, cottage cheese, sandpaper, mannequin arms, metal sheets, velcro, silly putty, bowls, magnets, ping pong balls, Pop Rocks, traffic cones, scrubbers, kale, model heads, wooden toys, and more!

Through this immersive workshop experience, attendees were introduced to technology for recording sound through solid matter, liquid substances, and electromagnetic fields for use in media projects.

Click here to hear what happened:

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