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There are not many opportunities at The Claremont Colleges to leave thoughts of schoolwork and extracurriculars behind to instead focus on urgent problems facing the world today. However, this is remedied through Sparkathon, a bi-annual design thinking case competition that provides a unique opportunity to do so. At Sparkathon, students from The Claremont Colleges and […]

By: The Hive Team My story at the Hive starts three years ago, the spring semester of my first year at Scripps College. To this day, I can’t remember who or what introduced me to the Hive, but I remember embarking on the journey from the back halls of Toll to Seventh Street purely enticed […]

By Kristine Chang   Pomona College’s Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP) held its very first art show at the Hive on Saturday, November 17th, to explore the nuanced and intersectional experiences of those less visible within the 5C Asian/Pacific Islander American (APIA) community. The event, organized by AAMP’s Diversity Committee, showcased over 40 original pieces […]

By The Hive Former president of Pomona College David Oxtoby recently wrote an article about “The Creative College” and how the Hive provides a space for the “spirit of play, improvisation, storytelling, and sharing time” to thrive at the Claremont Colleges. How can America’s colleges and universities be redesigned to enhance creative outcomes and educate […]

By Reina Hernandez   Curious about the people and projects you might find at the Hive? In the spring 2018 semester, our Storytelling Team started a multimedia project called Voices of the Hive. Inspired by the colorful moments we share with people who come to the Hive, this project offers glimpses into the voices, creations, […]

By Laura Zhang and Shannon Randolph   Do you ever wonder how human-centered design (HCD) might be applied in the world? This summer, the Hive went abroad to Vietnam to pilot a Hive and EnviroLab Asia design research and internship program. A team of three students -Laura Zhang (PO ’19), Lena Tran (PI ’18), and […]

  “Portraits Of Obama: Media, Fidelity, and the 44th President“         “In a 24/7 media environment that bombards us with all kinds of content and exposes us to all kinds of arguments, some of which don’t always rank that high on the truth meter … information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a […]