Course Grants

The Rick and Susan Sontag Center for Collaborative Creativity (the Hive) supports competitive grant programs for infusing creative collaboration into courses at The Claremont Colleges. The Hive offers two types of course grants that are awarded annually:

  • Course activity grants
  • Course development grants

We award course activity grants for one academic year of up to $1000 to support activities by individual 7C full time faculty members and up to $3000 for interdisciplinary and ideally intercollegiate teams.

We also award course development grants of a $5000 stipend for interdisciplinary and ideally intercollegiate 7C full time faculty member teams to transform or develop a course or courses during one academic year that will be taught in the following academic year.

The Sontag Center also supports all grant recipients through non-monetary means such as space, staff time, design expertise, and help sharing the story of the course.

The course activity and development grant proposals are evaluated by:

  • Featuring experiential components of creating and making
  • Nurturing connections between colleges and is highly interdisciplinary
  • Encouraging collaboration among students and faculty
  • Presenting ambitious and ambiguous challenges
  • Providing learning experiences not possible in the current course design
  • Bringing in never-before-seen and breathtaking ideas
  • Incorporating human-centered design elements

We enthusiastically support proposals that seem risky and ideas that are developing. In our view, great learning experiences come from a process of experimentation, growing from successes and failures, and continuous improvement. We encourage you to pose questions, follow hunches, and engage in self-reflection throughout the grant experience.