Learn at the Hive

Is there something you’ve always been interested in learning more about, but haven’t had the time or opportunity to do so?

Is there something you’ve always want to do — sing, act, draw/paint, connect with others, tell a story, build, code — but find that even beginner-level opportunities at the 5Cs require more than your current expertise?

We want to hear from you!  Here at the Hive we want to encourage exploration, which means providing a space to try new things in a low-stakes, low-barrier-to-entry kind of way AND making that a safe space to experiment and play — which really means, offering a supportive environment where you can fail, pick yourself up, learn from mistakes, and push on.

In addition to exploration, the Hive’s core principles include collaboration and experiential learning.  Our programs, events, and activities are all structured to incorporate one or more of these features; they include Mini-workshops, Workshops, Pop-Up Courses, and (in partnership with 5C faculty) Guided Explorations and Full Credit Courses.

If you’d like to learn something that could fit within one these categories (or outside one of these categories), let us know by emailing us at hive@claremont.edu.