On March 8th, the Hive presented the workshop, “Unflattening: Weaving The Literal Through The Abstract.” The workshop offered participants a way to see visual communication – or art and design, especially the practice of making comics and sequential art – as an alternative medium to critical studies, research, and storytelling.

Nick Sousanis, author and cartoonist of Unflattening, a graphic novel and experiment in visual thinking, partnered with the Hive and Claremont Graduate University’s Transdisciplinary Department to guide participants through a series of exercises deconstructing the process of visual storytelling, the usages of analogy and visual metaphor, as well as formal techniques and tips in the design of sequential art.

Participants left with new tools for tackling visual thinking and storytelling, and alternative ways to engage their collegiate work, as well as their work beyond. Most importantly, everyone enjoyed the experience. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the workshop; the collaborative energy and commitment to the exercises made this a worthwhile experience.

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