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FALL 2019

Curious about our upcoming workshops, events? Check out our events calendar and see what sparks some interest!

FALL 2019

Are you interested in taking a Hive oriented class? Check out the variety of full-credit courses taught by, with, and at the Hive each semester? 

We offer multiple ways for our community to plug into our programming, and at a variety of commitment levels:

Making: Walk in and make a button, build 3D replica of a theoretical model, or hem your pants. Come by and work independently in any of our spaces.

Workshops: usually lasting an hour and a half, these are one-off tasters into a new world meant to inspire and spark possibilities.

Pop-up classes: are 2-3 workshops in series that offer a way to engage with a particular subject more deeply, but without getting bogged down in the business of homework and/or prior reading.

Full-credit classes: are often held at the Hive, sometimes co-developed and/or co-taught with Hive staff and occasionally taught solely by Hive staff.

Projects: such as our work within the EnviroLab initiative or as part of the Spar- kathon we co-run can offer a more directed path towards engaging with a variety of our classes and workshops.

Psst! Here’s a bonus: learn more about the clubs and organizations you might find in and around our space.