Studio 1

The entrance to Studio 1. The open floor plan and high ceilings of the Hive can be seen here.

Studio 1

A view of Studio 1 from above. Tables and stools can be rearranged to different configurations to suit the needs of those using the space.

Studio 1

Studio 1 rearranged in preparation for an open mic night. The atmosphere of the room can be transformed by simply moving things around!

Studio 2


Studio 2


The Vault


The Shed


The Commons

The Commons

A group of couches in the Commons.

The Commons

A group of couches in the Commons, close to Krackle.

What resources do we have at the Hive?

Different rooms and what you can do with them:

The Toolbox: This is a place where you can put those big ideas into actions. In the Toolbox, we have tools such as two sewing machines, a bunch of different types of saws, and a plethora of handheld tools. Click the button that says “Check out a full list of supplies here” at the bottom of the page to see a longer list of tools you can use in this room!

The Vault: This space is ideal for studying – it’s dark, cozy, and comfortable. In this space, you can isolate yourself from the distractions of student life to put yourself in that study mindset. Be prepared for the chilly temperatures of the room!

The Scrapyard: The aptly named Scrapyard is a place to utilize many of our supplies to create your own personal projects, such as paint, feathers, X-Acto blades, and many other miscellaneous tool and items. This room also features a paper cutter, a large roll of butcher paper, and a button maker.

The Commons: This space is the center of the Hive, which high ceilings and an open plan that encourages collaboration and team-working across the space.

The Shed: This is a smaller space next to the Vault that is also open for student use. This room is equipped with three desktop computers and two full-size chalkboards.


Studio 1: This space is mostly used to host workshops because it is a very fluid and dynamic space. This room is equipped with a projector and many movable white boards. It also features movable desks and stools that can be configured in an endless amount of combinations.

Studio 2: Also supplied with a projector, this is another space that is commonly used to hold workshops or team meetings. Studio 2 is different from Studio 1 in the way that it more closely resembles a classroom, with circle tables and chairs.

The Nook: This is a tucked-away corned under the bottom of the stairs on the west entrance of the Hive, equipped with extra-large pillows and a low desk that’s perfect for studying or just relaxing. A few lights under the stairs help light the space.

Adisa Studios: This room currently houses a kitchen filled with cups, utensils, a sink, and an espresso machine. It will also have a screen printer that is open to all students. It is still in the process of being assembled, so keep your eye out for when the screen printer is ready to use!

Scandinavia & Mess O’Potamia: These are the balconies upstairs, overlooking The Commons and Studio 1. They’re great places to hang out, do homework, or brainstorm with friends.