Each week during the semester, the Hive offers a series of skill shares throughout our makerspaces:

  • Toolbox: Learn how to build with wood, clay, and light metals
  • Print Lab: Learn screen, vinyl, and other methods of printmaking [Open Lab and Proctored Lab appointments]
  • Scrapyard: Learn how to sew, create a card, and build a model
  • Soundbox: Learn how to record and edit sound

You’ll leave the skill share with new creative skills and knowledge, as well as a sense of accomplishment from having created something with your own hands — a poster, laptop stand, bow tie, podcast, and much more.

— And—

Students who have gone through the Screen Printing Skill Share are free to make appointments during our Proctored Lab hours. This is a chance for students to further their skills as well as get more one-on-one assistance with their projects from our student proctors. After that, students who have completed all of the lab requirements are welcome to make appointments during Open Lab hours, where they will not need a proctor to oversee them.

— And—

Students who have attended a Soundbox Skill Share can similarly make appointments during the Soundbox’s Proctored Hours for more one-on-one assistance from our Soundbox proctor.