Spring Break at 130 E 7th Street

From 3/11/17 to 3/19/17, students at the Claremont colleges took a week to step away from work and unwind from the stress of school. Although spring break is supposed to be, well, a break, the Hive did not rest! Not only did we stay open to accommodate the 5C community’s creative juices, we also planned fun workshops to help students relax, cool down, and eat. Check out our spring break recap below!


SPRING BREAK SPECIAL: Make Fried Rice with Hayat Ramzi (PO ’19)

3/13/17, 4:30-6:30PM

On Monday, we took a step outside of the Hive and into the kitchen! When post-baccalaureate associate Lucia Ruan (PO ’16) was a wee first-year, she remembers struggling to find affordable food while staying on campus during spring break. So, she thought, what better opportunity to help people in the same situation while also teaching them how to prepare food for the future? When she posed the question, Pomona sophomore Hayat Ramzi answered the call. Hayat offered to teach her simple summer classic, fried rice, along with an unbelievably easy Oreo truffle recipe. The results were delicious!


Matinee Movie Break: Lilo and Stitch

3/16/17, 3-5PM

In an effort to get rid of all of the ice cream sandwiches in our fridge leftover from another event, we decided to host a chill hangout to share our goods with the greater community. Post-baccalaureate associate Christie Zeeb (HMC ’16) said, “Why don’t we show a movie?” And so it was. After polling the 5C community on what film they would most like to watch, the people had spoken; we screened Lilo and Stitch on a hot Thursday afternoon.


Stitch is troubled. He needs desserts!

- LiloLilo and Stitch (2002)


We had a great time this spring break, and we hope you did, too! We’re excited to jump back into the second half of the semester. See you around the Hive—possibly at Lose Your Shoes?


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