Faculty, staff, students, and industry professionals can share expertise at the Hive in a variety of ways. Most people choose to lead workshops or teach pop-up classes and/or full-credit courses, but let us know what you’d like to offer. We’re open to new teaching and learning ideas.

  • Workshops: Check out our events that teach skills and build knowledge for inspiration and sparking possibilities. 
  • Pop-up classes: Learn at the Hive in classes taught by Hive staff or co-developed and/or co-taught with Hive staff.
  • Full-Credit Courses: Reserve a Hive space for the semester in our flexible and dynamic classrooms. You’ll have access to our materials and resources to host workshops, re-imagine a current course, or run a student organization.
  • Pop-up classes: Engage in a series of 2-3 workshops and delve into a particular subject more deeply.
  • Full-Credit Course: Reserve a space for the semester, here at the Hive, in our flexible and dynamic classrooms with access to our materials and resources to re-imagine a current course or to try out a new course.
  • Pop-ins: Bring in a Hive staffer to pop-in and guest lecture or teach specific modules within new or existing courses at The Claremont Colleges. Past pop-ins have included sessions on empathetic listening, design thinking, prototyping, and facilitating effective brainstorming. Please contact hive@claremont.edu. if you would like to learn more and/or request a pop-in for your class.

You can also apply for a course development or activity grant to create an entirely new and experimental course with support from the Hive. A call for proposals is sent out annually in the spring. Learn more about our course grants. 

  • Workshops: Partner with us to develop events that teach a particular skill or build on special knowledge you have.
  • Skill Shares: Help us inspire students to increase their skills through one of our weekly to monthly on-going workshops.
  • Project Partnerships: Collaborate with us on projects to bring skills and interesting experiences to our students.

* You can find our current workshops, skill shares, pop-ups, and curricular courses in our Offerings.