The Hive was born out of an understanding that students needed a space for collaboration and exploration of their creative capacity. In the spring and summer of 2018, we talked to students, staff, and faculty about our visual material and how it made them feel. One insight was that a coherent “new look” would build on the Hive’s vision and make it more accessible to the community, thus kickstarting the visual rebranding of the Hive.

Taking this and other insights into account, we started mapping out potential areas for growth in our visual communication strategy such as a need for a newsletter, a semester-long calendar of events, and other materials to help our different users access the space. From there, the team created a brand book that captures the visual essence of the Hive.

Every part of the new visual design has been thought through. For example, the main Hive colors are inspired by the school colors of the five Claremont Colleges that we serve. In addition, the typography runs on the diagonals that reference the hexagon of a beehive, which is inspired by collaboration. We have started implementing some of the new brand elements in our flyers, social media, and physical space. As you may have heard when in the Hive, “always prototype and test,” so we are open to any suggestions and insights on our rebranding!

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