We are accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year to be reviewed April 2020. Please fill out the contact form below or email for the job description and application.

Here at the Hive, we love being a launching pad for curious and collaborative minds like yours! We offer a space where students on staff can intentionally play and explore their creative potential in a variety of ways. You’ll get the opportunity to work on self-directed projects while collaborating with professional designers and like-minded peers.

We look forward to incorporating your skills and individual experiences into the Hive’s future happenings!

Our student staffers work closely with full-time staff:

  • Supporting the smooth operation of the Hive
  • Keeping the space well stocked, organized, and clean for every user
  • Collaborating on human-centered approaches to developing the Hive as a 5C resource
  • Developing makerspace and skill share programming
  • Collecting demographic and qualitative research from various platforms
  • Photographing and digitally archiving events
  • Storytelling and social media strategy

Hive student staffers have a wide array of skills that they can develop as the Hive grows, and we love providing the opportunity!

  • Have you attended events put on by the Hive? Visit our Upcoming Events page to check out our workshops!
  • Are you familiar with the Hive space? Visit our Room and Spaces page to see the rooms at the Hive!
  • Do you have an interest in bringing 5C students together?
  • Are you motivated to practice and increase your design, maker, media, writing, and all-around varied skill set?
  • Do you have time for our required, paid, monthly lunch meetings and team meetings?
  • Do you want to expand you and your colleagues’ engagement with your disciplines?
  • Would you like to offer a workshop here?
  • Can you work 6-9+ hours a week, including evenings and weekends?

We think that Hive student staffers should:

  • Understand our six core principles (check out our core principles page for more information)
  • Have a collaborative mindset
  • Have a bias toward hospitality and making the Hive an open and inclusive space
    • Have a heart for hosting — ­­lots of users come into the Hive every day, and we help them explore and expand their creative confidence
    • Continuously ask themselves, “What can I do to make this space the best it can be for everyone who walks through the door?”
  • Be aware that the Hive is a space constantly in flux!
    • Be comfortable with ambiguity — we do a lot of prototyping and iteration, so many features of the Hive change often
  • Be responsible and personally accountable
  • Be a self-starter who can work independently
  • Not see mistakes as failures, but as opportunities for growth!